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    Bringing Manhattan Beach’s Pier to Life with @petehalvorsen

    Since he first moved to Manhattan Beach, California, Pete Halvorsen (@petehalvorsen) has been photographing the city’s nearly century-old pier. “I took my first Instagram photo of the pier on February 4th, 2011 (using the Apollo filter!). Two plus years and 200+ photos later, this pier and I have a real relationship.”

    Jetting 928 feet (283 meters) out into the Pacific Ocean, the concrete structure—the oldest on the West Coast—is a hub for southern California Instagrammers who document its octagonal aquarium, the seagulls that flutter past and the surfers below. “In Manhattan Beach we don’t have your traditional “City Center,” we have our pier. It is our meeting place,” Pete explains. He even created the #pierpressure hashtag series as an ode to his favorite subject.

    Now with Video on Instagram, Pete has been able to capture movements and sounds at the pier. “Instead of wondering if that surfer made it or how the waves sound crashing against the pier, we can watch these moments unfold. Just as Instagram has fine-tuned my eye as a photographer, video will allow me to share these same stories with more personality and depth.”

    To tune in to Pete’s daily pier musings, be sure to follow his videos and photos @petehalvorsen.


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    Here are some beautiful pictures of the pier in my hometown. Now you know why I missed California and the beach so much,...
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